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Registering with Saville & Woods Ltd.By registering with us, we can help you find the right business for you to buy more quickly. Simple complete and submit the form by clicking on Register and we will contact you without delay. For your peace of mind, the information you provide will be kept strictly private and confidential - see our privacy policy.

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In order to search our database of properties you will need a password. Simply provide us with your e-mail address and choose your own password. Once you have completed this form, you will then be able to login to view the complete list of properties available.

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Confidentiality Agreement:

Saville and Woods Ltd Agrees to ensure that any information we receive from you will be handled in strictest confidence see Privacy Policy. We ask that Prospective Purchasers will also respect the fact that many Sellers need and expect that any information relating to their Business will also be deal with in confidence – to this end we request that you will

a) Not view businesses registered with Saville & Woods Ltd except by prior appointment through Saville & Woods Ltd Head Office.

b) Not make direct contact with owners, staff, suppliers, competitors or customers of any business on the market with Saville & Woods.

c) Not pass on any information and/or copies of any literature supplied by Saville & Woods Ltd to any third parties other than professional advisors such as bank, solicitor, surveyor etc.

d) Submit offers and conduct all negotiations with Saville & Woods Ltd.

e) Not be party to negotiations or actions which seek to preclude, or are contrary to the interests of Saville & Woods Ltd, as selling Agents;

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